Management systems design implementation, and improvement

The programme includes:

  • Senior management planning workshop to agree policies and measurable objectives, core business processes, project timescales and necessary resources.
  • Development of a robust yet realistic documentation using process mapping as appropriate.
  • Management system awareness programme for staff.
  • Gap analysis to review implementation of the management system and detailed report identifying findings against each clause of the standard(s).
  • Scoping workshop to agree corrective/preventive actions.
  • Support to achieve successful certification.
  • Support to maintain certification.

Health, safety, environmental and quality management systems integration

We can structure your integrated management system (IMS) using Appendix SL as a basis. This allows a smooth development of an ISO 9001 management system documentation to include ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements. The HSEQ internal audit programme covers all IMS requirements.

Management systems support

We can provide support through all phases of certification including managing your internal audit programme, management review, interface with your certification body and external audits, resolving corrective/preventive action and management system updates including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 changes.

HSEQ Management

We can act as your Quality or HSE Manager on a part time basis to help you maintain your certification. This is a cost effective approach and can cover internal auditing, document control, management review and interface with the certification body. We have done this for our clients in drilling engineering, marine engineering, civil construction and waste management.

Supplier auditing

BPR Consulting can audit your suppliers on your behalf using experienced, qualified lead auditors. We establish audit protocols based upon the criticality of your suppliers, their performance, and your needs, conduct audits and score suppliers.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We conduct customer satisfaction and perception surveys on your behalf. Using a scored protocol we interview customers to establish how your company performs providing detailed feedback on their comments. Your customers will often ‘open-up’ to independent surveys giving a valuable insight into how they view you as a supplier.

Bespoke in house training

We can provide in house training courses tailored to your needs including:

  • Internal HSEQ auditing
  • Process Mapping
  • Risk Assessment